Family Mourns Loved One’s Death & Receives Visit From Friendly Bird


After the peaceful passing of Dorothy Booth, a beloved 97-year-old woman from Virginia, her family was left grieving and feeling the void left by her absence.

Before her passing, Booth’s daughters, Debbie and Jeanne, had light-hearted conversations with her about the afterlife, playfully asking her to send them a sign from beyond if possible. 

They specifically requested a cardinal, knowing it was one of her favorite birds. Little did they know that their wish would be fulfilled in the most unexpected way.

 “They talked many times with Grandma, lightheartedly, even jokingly,” Booth’s granddaughter-in-law, Angela Abbott Patteson, shared. “‘Hey, when you get to heaven, see if you’re able to send a sign that you’re there and that you’re happy.’ She would say, ‘I’ll see what I can do!’ They said, ‘Send a cardinal!’ Because that was one of Grandma’s favorite birds.”

The day after Booth’s memorial service, as her family gathered to play her favorite card game in her honor, they heard something tapping at the kitchen window. Astonishingly, a bright cardinal was sitting there, alert and calm, as if it was there with a purpose. 

Patteson’s father-in-law went outside to see the bird and found nothing wrong with it. He gently picked up the cardinal and brought it inside the house. Debbie and Jeanne were overjoyed, realizing their mother had sent them the requested sign.

“My father-in-law went outside and saw it was a cardinal. It was just sitting there, completely alert and calm — nothing wrong with it. He was able to approach it and pick it up. He brought it in the house. [Debbie and Jeanne] were just ecstatic. They were taking pictures and crying and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, it really happened!’”

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The cardinal spent precious moments with the family, perched on Booth’s shoulder, bringing immense comfort to her daughters and the rest of the family. Feeling a divine connection, they believed this visit was more than a coincidence.

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After some time together, they decided it was best to set the cardinal free. However, the cardinal had other plans; it turned around and landed back on Booth’s shoulder as if unwilling to leave them.

“They tried to release it, but the bird turned around and landed on her shoulder,” Patteson recalled. “They were in sheer delight that that happened.”

Eventually, the family placed the cardinal on a nearby branch, and it lingered briefly before gracefully taking flight. For Booth’s family, this profound and emotional experience confirmed their belief that the visitation was an answer to their prayers. They felt deep comfort and assurance that their beloved Dorothy was at peace.

“This has brought so much comfort to them, to have this prayer answered,” Patteson shared.

The unexpected appearance of the cardinal brought solace and healing to Booth’s daughters, providing them with the closure and connection they needed during this challenging time of grief. The family wholeheartedly believed that the cardinal’s visit was a divine sign, reaffirming their faith and offering them a sense of peace and understanding.

This extraordinary encounter left a lasting impact on the family, reminding them of the powerful connections that transcend our earthly existence.

“They knew that it was from God,” Patteson stated. “To have this happen has been so comforting. It’s really helped my mother-in-law and her sister. This was definitely an answer to prayers.”

Here’s a video of this heartwarming encounter:

Cardinal Visits Mourning Family  

Cardinal Symbolism

Cardinals symbolize many things to people.

Cardinals are seen as messages from deceased loved ones, representing hope, renewal, and balance. 

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They can symbolize a visit from archangels, act as spiritual messengers, and signify devotion and truthfulness. 

The sight of a cardinal may also indicate the need to set boundaries, pay attention, or expect good or bad news. 

In Native American symbolism, cardinals represent various concepts, and rare white cardinals hold significance as well, representing wisdom, luck, and fertility. 

Cardinals hold spiritual and emotional significance, evoking feelings of love, hope, and joy.

How To Attract Cardinals To Your Yard

To attract more cardinals to your yard, offer their favorite foods like seeds, nuts, berries, and insects, using hopper or platform feeders that are squirrel-proof. Encourage insects to thrive in your yard, as cardinals need them in their diet. 

Plant fruit bushes and dense evergreen trees for natural food and shelter. Avoid over-pruning before winter, provide nesting materials, and create leafy coverage for roosting and nesting. 

Make your windows bird-friendly with external screens, interior curtains, or decals to prevent collisions. Remember to provide clean water through bird baths. 

By following these tips, you can easily attract cardinals and enjoy their presence in your yard.




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