Blue Jay Symbolism: 16 Spiritual Meanings


Members of the corvid family, blue jays are bossy birds. Despite their aggressive vein, blue jays are typically seen as a good omen. 

Blue jay symbolism ranges from strength and communication to inspiration and clarity, but in one particular case they might mean misfortune. 

1. Blue Jay Symbolizes Strength

Among the first things observed when looking at a blue jay are its sharp, strong beak and claws. Not only are these birds strong physically – much like ravens – but they are also resilient. 

This is why blue jays are considered a symbol of physical and mental strength. 

2. A Symbol Of Intuition

In addition to strong, blue jays are seen as highly intelligent and perceptive birds. 

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According to symbolism, blue jays follow their intuition for finding opportunities, which is why many believe that seeing a blue jay means that you should hear your inner voice and follow your intuition. 

3. Blue Jay Represents Communication

Like most birds in the corvid family, blue jays are social and very vocal birds. They constantly chit-chat with one another. 

Even when alone, blue jays can often be heard shrieking, calling a mate, or warning the other members of the flock about dangers. 

Moreover, the blue jay plumage is the same color as the throat chakra, which is why this bird is believed to symbolize open and clear communication.

4. Spiritual Awareness

Blue jays are native to the Americas, where they have been historically associated with divine knowledge and power. 

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There are many reasons why these birds are believed to bring spiritual awareness. For one, their color symbolizes truth and connection to spiritual energy. 

Similar to ravens, blue jays are also believed to communicate with the world of spirits, bringing messages from the other side.

5. Blue Jays Symbolize Confidence

While blue jays can easily be spotted in backyards and urban parks, they are wild birds. Their natural habitat is in forests, where they often have to survive harsh conditions. 

Nature and instinct teach blue jays to go after what they need and want – in nature, this can make the difference between life and death. 

Due to their bold nature, blue jays aren’t afraid of confronting intruders and protecting their loved ones, which is why they are also associated with confidence in a spiritual meaning. 

6. A Symbol Of Loyalty

Loyalty isn’t surprising as far as blue jay symbolism goes. These birds mate for life and are very loyal to their partner. 

Both parents are involved in raising the young, and the social bonds within a group of blue jays are also strong. 

7. Blue Jays Symbolize Unfair Judgment

Blue jays have a bold, strong character that is needed to survive in the wild. However, they are loyal, social, and nurturing creatures. 

Their aggressiveness is a mere adaptation to life in the wild, not meanness. Yet, these birds are often misunderstood. For this reason, blue jays as totem animals are associated with receiving unfair judgment from others.

8. A Cheerful Life

Cheerfulness is another characteristic of blue jays. These birds are social and highly talkative.

They chirp joyously regardless of the company they have – you can often spot a blue jay perched on a branch, singing or chirping. 

Combined with the cheerful shade of the plumage, blue jays are seen as omens of a cheerful life.

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9. Blue Jay Represents Freedom

Another symbolism trait linked to the character of blue jays is freedom. While blue jays are loyal, faithful birds that mate for life, they abide by few rules. 

They are free-spirited – much like all other birds in the corvid family, going where they want to go and doing what they want to do. 

As such, dreaming of a blue jay is associated with feeling trapped in your life and the need for freedom. 

10. Blue Jays Represent Change

Blue jays are very vocal, but what you may not know is that they are also capable of mimicking the song of other birds, and even sounds made by other animals. 

This capability is a sign of adaptation to new environments and change. In fact, blue jays as animal totems are thought to represent a willingness to embrace change. 

11. A Sign Of Creativity

Surviving in the wild often requires inventiveness, strength, and creativity. These traits are crucial for retrieving food, for instance, or for being more attractive to a mate than peers.

Blue jays possess all these traits, as well as intelligence. 

As these birds manage to find creative ways to survive, seeing a blue jay can be interpreted as a sign to let your creativity roam free.

12. Symbol Of Inspiration

A spiritual meaning of blue jays for artists, creators, and creatives of all kinds is inspiration. If you struggle to create your art and dream of a blue jay, that is a sign that inspiration is on its way. 

Or you could take a stroll through the forest looking for a blue jay – spotting one in nature might just bring the inspiration you need.

13. Blue Jays Mean Good Luck

If you live in the suburbs in the natural range of blue jays, spotting one in your backyard might not seem strange or out of place. 

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Yet, as far as symbolism goes, repeatedly seeing a blue jay in your yard – or recurring dreams about blue jays – is a sign of fortune and good luck.

14. Blue Jays Could Represent Misfortune 

We just talked about blue jays being a symbol of fortune and good luck, so it may come as a surprise that they can also represent misfortune. 

While this meaning is not very widespread in the States, in the folklore of all Celtic regions in Europe, they are seen as powerful creatures and potential porters of misfortune and bad luck. 

15. Blue Jay Symbolizes Clarity

Blue jays’ spiritual meaning is much more positive in the Americas, where native cultures call on them during difficult times, when there is a need to revitalize oneself. 

In these cultures, blue jays are a symbol of clear communication and, in general, clarity about a specific situation.

16. Blue Jays Represent Faith

Beyond all other meanings, a special meaning of blue jays for Christians is that of hope and faith. 

Since these birds are believed to be communicators between the worlds, they are also believed to be able to carry divine messages.

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